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So you bumped with your head right into a german website dedicated to humor. German and humor, you ask yourself, how is
that supposed to work? What`s next? Horses riding bikes. Maybe you grew up learning from your forefathers that the thinnest
book in the world is called "One thousand years of german humour". Well, tell your forefathers, that`s a pretty drastic statement
to make and seriously, even if true, could they please express it in some more benign words. That would be just lovely. Thank you
very much. By the way, we like our rules over here. That`s why we would ask you kindly to follow our traffic signs at humor-depot.de.

Now with all the niceties out of the way, we will tell you what you can expect from this website. This website is about perceiving humor,
feeling humor, smelling humor and on Mondays about inhaling humor. If you don`t believe us, just watch this. As we don`t have an
army of translators at our hands to write the content in german, english and chinese. Here is where you should go, before continuing your
neverending journey in cyberspace and in life in general.

To watch one of the best collections of hilariously funny stand-up comedy acts, go here. Over two hours of laughs will await you. All
in plain english. After that, when you have a few minutes to spare, go to this very funny collection of english and american advertising
spots. If, after that, you still can`t get enough, dive right into this outrageously entertaining collection of international advertising spots.

If after that, and keep in mind, you will have spent about four hours on this website, generating hundreds of thousands of advertising
dollars for us, you still don`t have enough, go to the List of Top Ten Stand-Up Comedians of all time. You will find it right here next to the collection of the funniest english books ever written. If you have already bounced back from your latest SDD attack (Satire Deficit Disorder), we highly recommend a visit to the latest spoof headlines.

Are you a rebel by nature and a wild son of a something? Make sure to check out the german language pages filled with
comedy gold. You will find them using the menu on the left. They are a great way of picking up the occasional german
you always wanted to learn. In our opinion language learning with humor is ten times more effective than rude
learning or not learning at all. So if you know anybody learning german, do your good deed for today and send him the
Humor-Depot.de link. His language teacher and grandmother will thank you forever.

We wish you a most entertaining stay at our website, if you enjoy it, spell the secret about germans and humour to your friends and
colleagues using the share button. But please keep in mind, that has nothing to do with us using our towels reserving us a spot on the
beach during the holidays. That ist seriously non-negotiable.

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